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Patient Successes & Accomplishments


"Dear Michal,

This letter is to acknowledge how much better I feel after receiving nutrition testing and consultation from you.  I have experienced IBS symptoms for a very long time, and didn't realize there was any other way to feel or live!  Over time the symptoms got worse.  The symptoms included abdominal pain, cramping, burning, gas and over-all physical and emotional discomfort.  There was also a lot of unnecessary trial and error food elimination on my part, which along with the symptoms caused a lot of emotional distress.

So after receiving nutrition testing and consultation from you, I feel so good, symptom-free, that I just had to write and acknowledge you!  The other benefit is that I'm able to eat and enjoy foods that were unnecessarily eliminated from my diet for a long, long time, plus adjust the foods that were the culprits!  My spouse also notices and is pleased with the results!
Thank you again!"






"Well I went to the doctor and I have lost 13 more pounds WOW and here is the best news my cholesterol level is normal no medication ever. I have been off of my meds off and on for 15 years, levels were at the low 375 and reached up 550 on medication it was still no medication for six months(made me sick) my cholesterol is 135. LEAP is wonderful Thank you Michal."





"Hey Michal I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you going over my husbands results with him. It was very considerate and professional of you. When you were talking about testimonies it was very neat because the women my church had just gave testimonies that Sunday. 3 Different have lost 70 lbs. and 1 had lost 30. I have lost 7 lbs. since June 8 and we are very into eating good and learning how to eat healthier as one of our lessons. So it was cool to have met you at that particular time!"






"I would not be walking if not for the diet..."

(who was about to get a walker due to effects of fibromyalgia)


"Hi, just wanted you to know that for the past four weeks I have lost 4 clothing sizes, ate more than I ever did before, doing more than I thought I would ever do again, and I owe it to this program. I mean the first seven days I could wear my wedding band again after two years of trying to wear it painfully....Second more naps...third week zooming around like I am twenty again. I look forward to going to my doctor and talking to my nutritionist. And mow I soap box the Leap Program to everyone. have been passing out phone numbers and web site information, I am a believer. I never thought I would be okay again, Thanks Michal you are a life saver.

The LEAP program is an instant HOPE for me. One week and I can wear my jewelry again. I use to swell up so bad and get sores from wearing my wedding rings and other special husband gifts that I could not wear them. One week with you and I feel soooo much better. I am not hurting anywhere and smile for the past two days so much that people are noticing me. Thank you so much. I will talk to you later on the 16th. Just remember this you gave me Hope and that is everything."





"This has made SUCH a difference in my life!"






"Thank you so much for your work with my husband, Patrick! He is like a new man - or rather the old one I married 30 years ago! He has been in pain the last few years to the point of doing nothing but working and sleeping. He now suggests we take a walk!! Last night we actually realized we had no Ibuprofen in the house - THAT WAS UNHEARD OF. There was normally an open bottle upstairs and downstairs and a spare for when one ran out! He looks good and feels good and I thank you for your help! We are looking forward to a trip to California next month for our daughter's wedding and some sightseeing in northern California. It will be wonderful to be able to get out and walk around with our children and see the sights as a family. Thank you again!"



Thanks for the info.  I have to say you are a tough act to follow.  We have a health and wellness program here at work that is free.  Thought I would try it.  These nutrtionalist do not measure up in the subject/knowledge of "sensitivities" ... keep referring to allergy.  You know what they say ... once you have had the best...!  So I keep coming back to you.  There is no substitute."





"I would not recommend waiting until you feel so alone and helpless to begin this program. Understandable symptoms? Here were just a few of my own: Discomfort 24/7, the doctor had no easy remedies, weight gain, weird indescribable pains, no friends, no fun......sleep more than I'm awake for two friend is the toliet !
Hypochondriac???? Stop right there.  Pain is pain if you feel it, it is real. I got tested and  tried the diet for just ten days. It is an eye opener. Within one week I quit sleeping all day, became more energetic, pains and aches slowly receded to "out of here", no more IBS.  Yeah! Yes many people that I hadn't seen in a couple of years thought I had moved and they sure didn't recognize me at 54 pounds lighter and a whole lot more fun.  I found that I do exist. I feel great. I smile a lot and have many things to smile about."


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