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Doctor Inquiries & Testimonials

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  • We provide ongoing support for patients who have detailed food sensitivity questions (specialist dietitians provide follow-up phone consultation and guide your patient through protocols)

  • Before discharge, we remind the happy patient in remission to tell their friends and relatives about your practice.

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Doctor Testimonials

LEAP-MRT represents the most inclusive & accurate in vitro method of identifying trigger foods and food chemicals and provides physicians a clinically practical method of maximizing outcomes in their food sensitive patients. Here are just a few comments from some of our affiliate physicians.

W. Ted Kniker, MD
Past Chairman, Adverse Food Reactions Committee
American College of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology

"Since 2001 I have been using MRT in my practice and have found it to be a very useful tool for my patients with non-atopic, but immune mediated food reactions. I routinely see substantial clinical improvement with my patients who are following a MRT predicted diet. In 2002 I conducted a study on autistic adults in which clinical outcomes were noticeably enhanced by the exclusion of foods and food chemicals that were MRT positive. Other data related to elevation of cytokine levels in food sensitive IBS patients before and after MRT food challenges clearly suggest that MRT is measuring a physiologically and clinically relevant condition."

Herbert Pardell, DO
Internal Medicine

"Of all the different tests for delayed food allergies I’ve tried, and I have tried them all, LEAP-MRT has been the best by far. Not only does it take into consideration different hypersensitivity pathways to foods, it also identifies reactions to food-chemicals, which have been the key for many of my patients. I’ve been using this excellent program for over 9 years and I cannot recommend it strongly enough to patients with chronic unresolved inflammatory or autoimmune disorders, or to physicians who treat those conditions."

Arlene Martone, MD
Preventive Medicine, OBGYN

"Many of my patients who’ve gone on the LEAP Program have had remarkable improvement in disease conditions which, by conventional methods, were considered untreatable. I have found that many common conditions respond to the LEAP approach. It has been very helpful for inflammatory and irritable bowel disorders, eczema, fatigue, arthritic conditions, and other autoimmune problems. I frequently recommend LEAP to my patients as I have seen and know the benefits that can be obtained by changing their diet without putting the patient at any risk."

Larry Gilderman, DO
Family Practice

"I first gained interest in LEAP after some of my patients were exposed to your program. I then worked with one of your nutritionists who was implementing the program and was amazed by the positive result which were gained by the patients. These patients lost weight and also experienced a marked decrease in their glucose values as well as having to take less medication to control their diabetes. I have since begun using the program frequently in my practice and my patients are very happy with the results. Difficult cases such as inflammatory arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, obesity, diabetes, chronic fatigue, migraine and other common complaints have responded extremely well."

Fred Williams, MD

"I see patients every day with irritable bowel syndrome, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and other functional digestive problems where diet can play a role in provoking symptoms. I have found LEAP-MRT to be a very useful tool. MRT reliably identifies reactive foods, and I consistently see remarkable clinical improvement in my patients by implementing a diet based on MRT results. I highly recommend MRT to any physician who deals with any of these problems."

Richard Sabates, MD
Author, The Preventive Diet

"In my 25 years of practicing Preventive Medicine, LEAP-MRT is the most effective approach towards food allergy I have ever used. It not only gets my patients better but is cost effective as well. I feel that in the hands of a nutritionally aware physician, LEAP-MRT can revolutionize the health care industry."

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